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Carpet & Rugs: Wool Vs Nylon

area rugs blog The most important component of an area rug is the fiber. The type of fiber used and the construction of the pile are the two key factors in determining how durable the carpet will be. There are five basic types of fibers used in carpets.
Nylon is the most popular of the pile fibers used. It is the most durable of the synthetics and offers excellent durability and strength. It is wear-resistant, resilient and withstands the weight and movement of furniture. It has also good stain resistance capacity and is an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas. It is available in beautiful colors, making it a great style choice throughout the home.

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Area rugs are one of the most interesting design elements you can introduce into your room. Rugs can help redecorate a room from the ground up and most work as a decorative centerpiece. Area rugs are investments that will last a lifetime, also protect your floors, insulate against heat or cold and absorb sound to minimize noise.
Since 1987, we have been offering an extensive variety of area rugs from around the world. Our rugs and carpet have always been of an exceptional quality. We strive to bring you the latest designs at unbeatable prices. Above all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
The beauty and comfort that an area rug brings to your home is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come. Whether you want an investment, neutral foundation, or an eye-catching focal point, you'll find your dream area rug at AW Rugs & Carpet. We feature world famous rug manufacturers including: Karastan, Safavieh, Couristan, Hellenic Flokati, Colonial Mills and many more..

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The rug has been very popular home decoration for many centuries. Today, the rug design and style has changed to our needs and tastes. There are broad choices of rug designs including: traditional area rugs, contemporary area rugs, casual area rugs, floral area rugs, luxury area rugs, shag area rugs, transitional area rugs, southwestern area rugs, braided area rugs, and many more. The rugs available in variety of sizes and shapes including: round shaped rugs, rectangular shaped rugs, square shaped rugs, octagon shaped rugs
In addition to our Rug Shopping Advice, we have provided you with these quick tips to help you find your perfect area rug:

rug styleDecide on the style to complement your home decor.

fiber choiceChoose a fiber material that suits your needs the best. Area rugs come in variety of materials and here are the most common:
Wool area rugs: Wool is the preferred fiber for its resilience to wear and tear and the soft texture which brings warmth to any room. Wool is more durable than synthetics and resists dust mites that can exacerbate allergies. A wool material is the key element of high quality area rugs.
Cotton area rugs: Cotton is often used in conjunction with wool. Cotton-wool area rugs have a nice feel and typically cost less than all-wool area rugs. However, cotton is not as durable as wool.
Nylon area rugs:
Synthetic nylon area rugs have great strength and stain resistance. They usually cost less than area rugs made of natural materials, but do not keep their value like quality wool area rugs or silk area rugs.


Measure the area you want to cover with your new rug. Keep in mind these guidelines when measuring your space:
for living room, an area rug should go slightly under your sofa, as little as one inch will do. Or, if you would like to use the area rug as an accent while showing more of your beautiful floor, be sure to go a minimum of one foot around coffee table.
For dining room, allow the area rug to be large enough to cover the back legs of your dining room chairs when pulled out.

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